Our mission is to provide premium products that enhance your natural beauty, strengthen your confidence and make you and your skin happier and healthier. We deeply care about our mission. And strive to provide the best quality beauty products

We believe that beauty should be effortless and fun! We work hard to give our customers exactly what they want - a range of premium products they can easily use to elevate their daily skin and facial hair care routine!


Peris Beauty is a Canadian-owned brand with a passion for effortless beauty and a love for healthy glowing skin. We pride ourselves on delivering premium beauty products, with great benefits for your skin.

As a former graphic designer, I know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In keeping up with a busy lifestyle, I wanted to create beauty tools that were affordable, easy to use, and provided the best skin results possible. In line with Peris' inclusive culture, we have created a range of products for all skin and hair types. I absolutely love the products we offer and work hard to make sure our customers do too!